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  • Scoot has this gem to say...
sir irons21: we not have an multi-group chat room going.
  • An exchange about NASA TV's coverage of the New Horizons launch:
KatKhimera (10:55:32 AM): Ooh....we have the Nasa channel on cable
KatKhimera (10:56:28 AM): Ben is unimpressed
KatKhimera (10:56:39 AM): he wants me to go back to "Go Diego, go"
DarkLadyotheSith (10:57:00 AM): He'll probably find the launch itself fairly exciting. =)
KatKhimera (10:57:11 AM): yeah.....but we have a little while to wait on that.
KatKhimera (10:57:27 AM): I'm not sure he's going to sit here watching for another 17 minutes.
KatKhimera (10:58:33 AM): I think he doesn't realize that it's real.
KatKhimera (10:58:42 AM): he thinks it's a very boring tv show.
KatKhimera (10:59:02 AM): he says "That rocket is going to go up, and then it's going to explode.
e1y0gr4g (10:59:28 AM): "not today!"
KatKhimera (10:59:37 AM): Hee hee hee
KatKhimera (10:59:42 AM): ok Buzz.
  • LiveJournal goodies:
KatKhimera (4:58:06 PM): Hahahahaha, you guys have to see this lady's response to my post.   [1]
MCoxC1 (5:00:34 PM): That's awesome!
KatKhimera (5:00:42 PM): isn't she clever
KatKhimera (5:00:45 PM): hahahah
e1y0gr4g (5:01:10 PM): oooh.  zygospores.  that gets me SO hot.
KatKhimera (5:01:15 PM): *laugh*
  • Thousands of RPM in the grave
(2:39:57 PM) McSherrie has left the room.
(2:41:13 PM) McSherrie has entered the room.
(2:48:43 PM) McSherrie has left the room.
(2:51:46 PM) McSherrie has entered the room.
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e1y0gr4g (2:58:33 PM): that's a lotta bouncin'.
McSherrie (3:06:25 PM): Boing of Doom
DarkLadyotheSith (3:06:44 PM): Is that where you through the One Rubber Chicken?
DarkLadyotheSith (3:06:49 PM): Er-- throw
McSherrie (3:07:03 PM): Yes, yes it is.
(3:08:44 PM) McSherrie has left the room.
(3:09:52 PM) McSherrie has entered the room.
e1y0gr4g (3:10:04 PM): one cluck to bounce them all, one cluck to find them
e1y0gr4g (3:10:05 PM): one cluck to splat them all, and in the naptha bind them
DarkLadyotheSith (3:10:33 PM): In the floppy clown shoes where the custard lies
  • Phallacy
(11:14:27) marvthegrate: Whatcha looking for at the gun show?
(11:14:49) KatKhimera: something to blow Bugs AND Daffy.
(11:14:57) KatKhimera: Duck season!
(11:14:58) MCoxC1: Somethin' in caliber .45. Auto. Preferrably 1911-ish.
(11:15:08) MCoxC1: You mean blow UP, Kathy?
(11:15:14) KatKhimera: hahahahahah
(11:15:17) KatKhimera: ummm, YES
(11:15:18) MCoxC1: OR perhaps AWAY?
(11:15:25) marvthegrate: Birds do not have phallusi
(11:15:32) KatKhimera: that was a not good typo.
(11:15:37) marvthegrate: or is that phalluses?
(11:15:42) MCoxC1: Phalli?
(11:15:48) marvthegrate: Could be phalli
(11:15:50) Zomnker: was funny though
(11:15:54) MCoxC1: Indeed.
(11:15:59) marvthegrate: I never thought about the plural form of that word
(11:16:07) MCoxC1: Never had cause.
(11:16:17) marvthegrate: All birds have cloacea or somesuch
(11:16:30) marvthegrate: been a very long time since zoology and I can't remember how to speel that word
(11:16:53) KatKhimera: phallacy
(11:17:05) KatKhimera: phallii
(11:17:12) MCoxC1: Phallacy!
(11:17:22) MCoxC1: I love it!
(11:17:34) KatKhimera: that would be a great username for some of those pervy guys out there in the chat world
(11:17:41) MCoxC1: Prob'ly is.
(11:17:46) KatKhimera: hah
(11:19:13) B0n3s22 entered the room.
(11:20:38) Zomnker: I need to find better ventilation for my puter
(11:20:56) MCoxC1: I need to find room for my puter.
(11:21:25) Zomnker: after I moved my desk the only place I had for the box was under the desk
(11:21:38) MCoxC1: I have no desk.
(11:22:12) Zomnker: I think I need another box fan
(11:22:21) Zomnker: to put under the desk
(11:24:00) marvthegrate: Phallacy would be the term used for someone who exaggerates the size.  
  • Internet Ownership
[14:17] soeasilyamused: ...............the internet is owned by the US?
[14:17] sir irons21: Fiery enchant?
[14:17] soeasilyamused: it's ownable?
[14:18] sir irons21: yes
[14:18] Zomnker: yep
[14:18] soeasilyamused: wow
[14:18] soeasilyamused: i had no idea
[14:20] MCoxC1: Actually, sea, we won the internet in a poker game from Iceland. And before that, it was offered up by zimbabwe in a wager on a cricket match.
[14:20] MCoxC1: It's changed hands frequently.
[14:20] DarkLadyotheSith: But Al Gore invented it.
[14:20] Zomnker: I didn't know about the Zimbabwe connection
[14:20] MCoxC1: He didn't. He stole it from Apple. Wait. That's Bill gates.
[14:21] Zomnker: He got it from xerox
[14:21] Zomnker: they forgot to copyright
[14:21] MCoxC1: The internet, while often thought to be created by xerox, was actually kept by them after being hatched in a fiery volcano by the great Roc bird.
[14:22] MCoxC1: the Roc assigned the Knights of Xerox to watch over the internet as it matured.
[14:23] DarkLadyotheSith: *laugh*
  • Calculus
[1:28] choicedfuller:
[1:28] choicedfuller: I read the first paragraph and already my eyes glazed and my ability to absorb and learn was done
[1:28] DarkLadyotheSith: Calculus is easy-- at least at first.
[1:29] choicedfuller: "that the derivative and integral are inverse linear operators."
[1:29] choicedfuller: yeah, can't even get that part
[1:29] choicedfuller: they are whom to what?
[1:29] DarkLadyotheSith: Opposites of each other. Like addition and subtraction.
[1:29] choicedfuller: is that like opposites attracts?
[1:29] choicedfuller: :D
[1:32] sir irons21: Then why don't they just say that.
[1:32] DarkLadyotheSith: They did.
  • Honey
[10:54] sirirons21: I don't think I care for honey on my coffee.
[10:55] choicedfuller: I know i don't
[10:55] sirirons21: I still don't like honey from a plastic container.
[10:55] mcoxc1: I prefer sugar.
[10:55] mcoxc1: Honey has its place. Not in my coffee.
[10:55] mcoxc1: It's good on biscuits.
[10:55] choicedfuller: it's good on chicken as well
[10:55] sirirons21: Good in tea.
[10:56] mcoxc1: Agreed on both.
[10:56] mcoxc1: in mustard as well.
[10:56] choicedfuller: it's good on tied down 19 year old college co-eds
[10:56] mcoxc1: OOOH! WIN!
[10:56] sirirons21: yea.. Dustin wins!
  • Heavy Duty Marine Binoculars
MCoxC1 (9:03:21 AM): I've gotta order these. For my ... um...ah...bird..watching.
Dead link to Ebay auction with seriously huge Russian binoculars
Alicorn24 (9:03:50 AM): what kind of birds would you be watching?
MCoxC1 (9:04:05 AM): *cough* Um... well... you know.
Alicorn24 (9:04:16 AM): No, I don't.
e1y0gr4g (9:04:17 AM): soft rubber eye cups.
MCoxC1 (9:04:18 AM): Just...birds.
choicedfuller (9:04:21 AM): chicks... you know, the baby ones
Alicorn24 (9:04:29 AM): *blink*
MCoxC1 (9:04:33 AM): hehe
choicedfuller (9:04:35 AM): er... chickees
choicedfuller (9:04:38 AM): :D
MCoxC1 (9:04:49 AM): I'll mount them in the back of my truck and just go find a nice parking spot.
Alicorn24 (9:04:50 AM): is there some noneuphemistic term you could use?  'cuz I'm baffled.
choicedfuller (9:05:01 AM): you'll mount the birds?
choicedfuller (9:05:09 AM): there are laws against that
MCoxC1 (9:05:32 AM): Taxidermy is illegal, Dustin?
choicedfuller (9:05:47 AM): need to be certified I think
e1y0gr4g (9:05:51 AM): mount /dev/chick ~matt/truck
MCoxC1 (9:05:52 AM): Oh, right.
MCoxC1 (9:05:55 AM): LOL
Alicorn24 (9:06:04 AM): ...
MCoxC1 (9:06:18 AM): My, what big binoculars you have...
Alicorn24 (9:06:50 AM): *confused*
  • On Pizza
katphyre (5:41:24 PM): how do you feel about little caesars?
e1y0gr4g (5:41:45 PM): emperors in general are bad.  when they are little, they have inferiority complexes.
e1y0gr4g (5:43:43 PM): now, some emperors are truly evil.  when you see lightning coming out of their fingers, it's a sure sign.
  • On Breasts as Flotation Devices
SrTrainedMonkey (1:53:24 PM): Ill just use other people and tie a raft together
SrTrainedMonkey (1:53:35 PM): human logs
McSherrie (1:53:38 PM): lol
SrTrainedMonkey (1:54:36 PM): the attractive women I shall tie to each arm as floats
SrTrainedMonkey (1:55:22 PM): also as shark distractors, sharks like jaws always went for the pretty women before the man
McSherrie (1:55:28 PM): I hate to tell you this, Dave, but breasts don't make us float any better.  They don't hurt, certainly, but they aren't particularly helpful.  
jrh1406 (1:56:20 PM): alright, I'm out
MCoxC1 (1:56:20 PM): They're not natually buoyant?
MCoxC1 (1:56:24 PM): See ya J
(1:56:26 PM) jrh1406 has left the room.
SrTrainedMonkey (1:56:40 PM): lets have all the women prove that by jumping in pools without shirts, scientific evidence
MCoxC1 (1:56:56 PM): For SCIENCE!
cjm2576 (1:57:07 PM): FOR SCIENCE
SrTrainedMonkey (1:57:10 PM): I love that term ... fnord!  that is cool
McSherrie (1:57:23 PM): And who will our control group be?
cjm2576 (1:57:30 PM): sexy people?
McSherrie (1:57:41 PM): Fnord is awesome, but it took a while for you to remember it.  
McSherrie (1:57:53 PM): I thought they were the test group...
choicedfuller (1:58:00 PM): they are
SrTrainedMonkey (1:58:02 PM): girls with small boobs vs girls with big boobs, and me with no boobs
choicedfuller (1:58:05 PM): and they control group
soeasilyamused (1:58:14 PM): natural ones don't float as well as silicone, IIRC
cjm2576 (1:58:25 PM): flat chicks should be the control
cjm2576 (1:58:27 PM): or
cjm2576 (1:58:27 PM): men
McSherrie (1:58:30 PM): Very true, sea.
cjm2576 (1:58:30 PM): men should be the control
cjm2576 (1:58:34 PM): they can wear shirts tho
SrTrainedMonkey (1:58:34 PM): we must have another test to prove that
choicedfuller (1:58:35 PM): we'll have to find lots that have enhancements
soeasilyamused (1:58:46 PM): men don't have the same body fat content that women do, so you can't have men as the control
choicedfuller (1:58:51 PM): the control group HAS to wear shirts
soeasilyamused (1:58:52 PM): it has to be flat women
cjm2576 (1:59:02 PM): ok
soeasilyamused (1:59:04 PM): if you're truly testing how boobs rate as flotation devices
McSherrie (1:59:11 PM): *nods*
cjm2576 (1:59:22 PM): then you need women with the same basic bmi but different sized boobs
MCoxC1 (1:59:28 PM): Conversation OF THE WEEK!
McSherrie (1:59:38 PM): Which makes the test even harder to regulate.
cjm2576 (1:59:39 PM): flat women would probably have a lower body fat percentage tho
cjm2576 (1:59:47 PM): too many variables
SrTrainedMonkey (1:59:48 PM): I dont have a girlfriend right now so I was just hoping for a woman in a pool, im not very scientific right now
McSherrie (1:59:58 PM): I would imagine so.  Breasts are pretty much all fatty materials.
cjm2576 (1:59:59 PM): how about we just have a bunch of women go topless for science and call it a wash
  • Scoot strikes again
(8:52:11 AM) sirirons21: Complaint children.  Probably cheaper than benedryl.  Seriously though, who give an under 2 that kind of toy.
(8:53:01 AM) cjm2576: i'm with scoot there
(8:53:27 AM) marvthegrate: I complain about children all the time, scoot.
(8:53:42 AM) sirirons21: *LOL*
(8:53:45 AM) marvthegrate: Did you perhaps mean compliant children?
(8:53:49 AM) marvthegrate: l2tipe
(8:53:58 AM) sirirons21: I meant to say compilant.  =)  Slip a few beeds in the ceral.
(8:54:08 AM) sirirons21: beads.
(8:54:10 AM) sirirons21: damn it.
(8:54:24 AM) sirirons21: I'll just STFU now.
(8:54:38 AM) datestcase: Copy/Save
  • Good day for quotes
(10:48:14 AM) ***k14626 flashes Chuck first
(10:56:47 AM) datestcase: When playing with your manboobs, think of the children. Won't you?
  • On multiple spouses
[15:04] Katphyre: okay, since i am now home, my wife is going to log off now :-)
[15:06] *** Katphyre has left the chat.
[15:06] Sirirons21: I wonder if Shawn knows Kathy has a wife
[15:07] DarkLadyotheSith: *laugh*
[15:07] DarkLadyotheSith: You should put that in the wiki too, sea.
[15:10] McSherrie: It's all going in the wiki!
[15:10] ChuckPunchDrunk: This is, after all, Utah, scott
[15:18] Sirirons21: good point.
[15:18] Sirirons21: but I thought they only let the men have more than 1.
[15:19] McSherrie: Equal rights now.  ;-)
[15:20] Sirirons21: hahaha.. in Utah.  THat'll be the dy.
[15:20] Sirirons21: day.
[15:21] McSherrie: I'm not expecting it soon.  But if we start campaigning now...  Soon all women will be allowed multiple wives too!
[15:22] ChuckPunchDrunk: I can get behind that.
[15:23] Sirirons21: seeing how Jamie won't let me have another wife or girlfriend, I suggest she has one.  =)
[15:25] ChuckPunchDrunk: WIN!
  • Time Travel Shenanigans
*** chuckpunchdrunk has left the conversation.
*** chuckpunchdrunk has joined the conversation.
chuckpunchdrunk: Josiah! Josiah! 
chuckpunchdrunk: It's Chuck.. FROM THE FUTURE!
jrh1406: what now?
chuckpunchdrunk: I came for that five bucks you owe me
chuckpunchdrunk: Im a little short for lunch
jrh1406: dude, go back to the future, I'll pay you then
chuckpunchdrunk: Dude
chuckpunchdrunk: You in the future told me to come back here for it
jrh1406: DAMMIT!
DarkLadyotheSith: Josiah, you did it wrong. You should have said that you hadn't borrowed money from him yet.
chuckpunchdrunk: Josiah from the past borrowed it from me
jrh1406: Tell you what Chuck, let me borrow your time machine tomorrow, I'll go back to yesterday, and then pay you
chuckpunchdrunk: oh 
chuckpunchdrunk: ok
chuckpunchdrunk: but dont scratch it again
jrh1406: ok, I promise
chuckpunchdrunk: and no going back in time to give my dad a condom
chuckpunchdrunk: that wasnt funny the first time
jrh1406: yeah, but it *almost* worked
chuckpunchdrunk: the lengths you go to in order to avoid paying back five bucks...
jrh1406: well, to be fair, in the future it may not just be 5 bucks
chuckpunchdrunk: well, its pretty worthless after we all switch over to the Yuan standard...
jrh1406: yeah, and it turns out the tongs are a lot less forgiving about loans, even if you take them in someone elses name
chuckpunchdrunk: yeah, real funny when they came after my kidney by the way
chuckpunchdrunk: thats the last time i cosign anything for future you
jrh1406: hey, you've got two
chuckpunchdrunk: you took out three loans!
jrh1406: so go get some more, they get really cheap in about 200 years
jrh1406: seriously, do I have to think of everything?
chuckpunchdrunk: no worries
chuckpunchdrunk: i went back a couple decades and took yours
jrh1406: I noticed, how do you think I know how cheap they get later on?
chuckpunchdrunk: its a vicious cycle
chuckpunchdrunk: ironically, you end up buying back the ones the tong took from me which i took from you
chuckpunchdrunk: at some point, a cheeky monkey wearing a ballcap is involved
jrh1406: hahaha remember the chase scene with the 3 asian girls and the chainsaw?
chuckpunchdrunk: i feel real bad about how that ended up
chuckpunchdrunk: Yu Ming deserved better than that
jrh1406: hey, it's her fault she dropped the chainsaw
chuckpunchdrunk: you let her see past you and future you at the same time!
jrh1406: I thought it was pretty funny at the time
chuckpunchdrunk: at least we got some kidneys outta her
jrh1406: and a pretty nice wig
chuckpunchdrunk: its creepy when you dance to Goodbye horses wearing it
jrh1406: you like it, and you know it
  • Scoots opinion
[14:54] sirirons21: I'm really a butsecks kinda guy.

  • On amazing timing
[13:39] marvthegrate: My nipples demand tribute
[13:39] cjm2576: i'm going under the knife for that