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Add or change entries as required according to the GeekPointRatingSystem. As a general rule you should not change your own entry, unless you feel you have done something particularly ungeeky and deserve to lose a significant number of points.

The numbers should work themselves into a proper heirarchy with each update. There are no upper or lower limits on the numbers. Please keep the list in descending point order.

Name AIM Card Points
Joe cottonbunnybutt N/A 14
Shawn e1y0gr4g Y 10
Julie DarkLadyotheSith Y 6
Marv marvthegrate Y 2
Gwen McSherrie ? 0
Ben Zomnker ? 0
Scoot sir irons21 ? 0
Brad B0n3s22 ? 0
Suzanne zannebonham22 ? 0
Kathy KatKhimera ? 0
Geef evilpitboy N 0
Rit koinegeek ? 0
Melissa soeasilyamused ? -1

I've started everyone at zero, and most with indeterminate geek card status. After a decent baseline has been worked out, delete this note.